Trouble-Shooting Guide

Reporting Problems

If you have any trouble during pyrocore installation and configuration, or using any of the commands, join the rtorrent-community channel pyroscope-tools on Gitter. You can also ask questions on platforms like Reddit or Stack Exchange.

If you are sure there is a bug, then open an issue on GitHub. Make sure that nobody else reported the same problem before you, there is a search box you can use (after the Filter button). Please note that the GitHub issue tracker is not a support platform, use the Gitter channel or Reddit for any questions, as mentioned above.

And ESR’s golden oldie How To Ask Questions The Smart Way is still a most valuable resource, too.


Please describe your problem clearly, and provide any pertinent information. What are the version numbers of software and OS? What did you do? What was the unexpected result? If things worked and ‘suddenly’ broke, what did you change?

In the chat, don’t ask if somebody is there, just describe your problem. Eventually, someone will notice you – people do live in different time zones than you.

Put up any logs on 0bin or any other pastebin service, and make sure you removed any personal information you don’t want to be publically known. Copy the pastebin link into the chat window.

The following helps with querying your system environment, e.g. the version of Python and your OS.

Providing Diagnostic Information

Python Diagnostics

Execute the following command to be able to provide some information on your Python installation:

deactivate 2>/dev/null; /usr/bin/virtualenv --version; python <<'.'
import sys, os, time, pprint

If enc_fs is not UTF-8, then call dpkg-reconfigure locales (on Debian type systems) and choose a proper locale (you might also need locale-gen en_US.UTF-8), and make sure LANG is set to en_US.UTF-8 (or another locale with UTF-8 encoding).

OS Diagnostics

Similarly, execute this in a shell prompt:

uname -a; echo $(lsb_release -as 2>/dev/null); grep name /proc/cpuinfo | uniq -c; \
free -m | head -n2; uptime; \
strings $(which rtorrent) | grep "client version"; \
ldd $(which rtorrent) | egrep "lib(torrent|curses|curl||cares|ssl|crypto)"; \
ps auxw | egrep "USER|/rtorrent" | grep -v grep

Common Problems & Solutions

“rTorrent-PS features NOT active!” during rTorrent startup

As mentioned several times in the installation guides, you must tell the standard rtorrent.rc configuration include that it’s loaded into a rTorrent-PS installation.

The way to do that is setting the pyro.extended constant to 1:

method.insert = pyro.extended, value|const, 1

If you do that and are not actually running rTorrent-PS, you will get errors about missing commands during startup.

WARNING: … (update rTorrent-PS)!

If you run vanilla rTorrent instead of rTorrent-PS, these message will appear during startup. They can be silenced, see below.

If you run rTorrent-PS, the warnings are there to tell you that you should update to a recent version supporting new features. So just do that. ☺

Otherwise, either ignore the warnings (that is why they are WARNINGs and not ERRORs), or else add the files in ~/.pyroscope/rtorrent.d that are logging them to the .rcignore file. You’ll find the specific files using grep:

grep -RinH update.rtorrent ~/.pyroscope/rtorrent.d

“Input failed: ExecFile::execute(…) Fork failed.” during searches

This is always a host setup problem and not one in this software. Check your resource limits, namely nofile (max. number of open file handles) and nproc (max. number of processes). Also look into ~/rtorrent/log/execute.log if it contains any hints.

“Scheduled command failed: bind_home: Bad key definition.” during startup

Your rTorrent-PS is too old to support the new default key bindings for Home, End, and so on. Either compile the HEAD of rTorrent-PS to update your installation, or else do this:

echo >>~/.pyroscope/rtorrent.d/.rcignore "bind-navigation-keys.rc.default"