Welcome to pyrocore’s documentation!

pyrocore is a collection of tools for the BitTorrent protocol and especially the rTorrent client. They enable you to filter rTorrent’s item list for displaying or changing selected items, also creating, inspecting and changing .torrent files, and much more.

An optional daemon process named pyrotorque can add flexible queue management for rTorrent, starting items added in bulk slowly over time according to customizable rules. It can also watch a directory tree recursively for new metafiles using inotify, resulting in instantaneous loading without any polling and no extra configuration for nested directories.


The PyroScope command line utilities (i.e. pyrocore) are not the same as rTorrent-PS, and they work perfectly fine without it; the same is true the other way ‘round. It’s just that both projects unsurprisingly have synergies if used together, and some features do only work when both are present.

You absolutely must read the first three chapters Overview, Installation Guide, and Configuration Guide ̣— pyrocore utilities won’t work at all or not properly if you do not provide an adequate configuration, and also modify the rTorrent one to provide some essential data and commands. Once you got everything basically working, User’s Manual will show you all the common commands and use-cases. Further chapters then explain more complex use-cases and features that might not appeal or apply to you.

To get in contact and share your experiences with other users of PyroScope, join the pyroscope-users mailing list or the inofficial ##rtorrent channel on irc.freenode.net. This is also the way to resolve any problems with or questions about your configuration and software installation; also, always look into the Trouble-Shooting Guide as a first measure.

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